MINI Key Tool Toyota H(8A) Transponder Clone Tips

Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool support tansponder clone function,like 4D, ID70/83,Toyota H(8A) one. You can check the transpoder clone support list in Xhorse APP.


And we received feedback that like this error pic



MINI Key Tool Toyota h clone,only support ordinary 8A chip,Smart card can’t be copied.
Please confirm the original car key is a smart card.
Can only copy ordinary 8A.

And about MINI Key Tool ID48 96bit clone function, as well as the one token free

1.All MINI Key  Tool bought from our website ID48 96bit function is already activated,no need to operate again.

2.One token free everyday,when you use the function to clone,it will be OK to use. Eache time online calculation will cost 100 points or one token.