How to use ISCANCAR VAG MM-007 Simulate MQB?

vag mm-007 simulator

Xhorse VAG MM007 now supports simulation of MQB platform Engine+Gateway+BCM. You can add MQB key with VAG MM-007 and dashboard. Here is some steps. 1: Collect control unit data, and use VAG MM007 to collect engine, gateway, and BCM data respectively.… Continue Reading

VVDI Key Tool Generate and Clone Mitsubishi ID46 Chip Successfully

VVDI Key Tool support ID46 chip clone and generate.Here will display Mitsubishi Spacewagon 2010 car model,id46 transponder chip. 1.Genrate Remote Choose remote program-remote key.And detailed type. Use programming cable connect key pcb and key tool.Press GEN. Burn successfully. 2.Chip Clone. Choose… Continue Reading

Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM-007 Module Simulation Function

vag mm-007 simulator

Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM-007 newest version is V2.3.1. Please use xhorse update kit software to update your VAG MM-007 scanner.And we also have VAG MM-007 Simulator V1.6 Software for Module Simulation Function. 1.Free Download VAG MM-007 Simulator V1.6 Software!v0530CwR!mGZMOZNqRdSVEJRU3zWcqXIEBRK9eDuJ7d6YIWTxRi0 2.VAG MM-007 Module Simulation Function… Continue Reading

VVDI MB Tool with Power Adapter Benz W211 Review

benz w211 eis

VVDI MB Tool can do W169/W209/W211(Kline) get key password with VVDI MB Power Adapter (All KEY LOST, 15minutes) now, and about Benz W211 works well,here is one review from our customer youngkyu Choi. 1.W211 EIS 2.VVDI MB W169/W209/W211(Kline) Connection Diagram 3.Benz W211 Connection Review… Continue Reading

VVDI2 Update Error “not yet released in this region” Solution

vvdi2 update

VVDI2 newest version is V6.0.0,but when update we received customer’s feedback that can not update firmware,got error not yet released in this region,just like following pic. Solution: Change setting in update kit software.And save it. Then run xhorse update kit software,it… Continue Reading

Free Download V4.7.6 VVDI Prog Software (2018.10.31)


VVDI PROG latest software version V4.7.6 released on Oct 31th.Here is the V4.7.6 VVDI PROG software download link,and update information. 1.Free Download V4.7.6 VVDI Prog Software!ygIhDYIQ!08YQi5fKzodrixfnOE-KXPAOjSUtIMSGR3HOPQqYEUc Password:123456 2.VP4.7.6 VVDI Prog Update Info:(2018-10-31) * This version DON’t need update firmware… Continue Reading

VVDI MB Tool Read Benz HC05 Based Key Password Via IR Reviews

VVDI BENZ IR adapter

VVDI MB Tool password online calculation can support large arrnage of Benz car models. Meanwhile some car models can read key password directly, like V51 V57,,and HC05 based one. Here we will share review about VVDI MB BGA Tool read password… Continue Reading