(Fixed!)Key Tool Max Program XM Smart Key Prox Feature doesn’t Work

(fixed!)key Tool Max Program Xm Smart Key Prox Feature Doesn

Q: Working on a Toyota Tacoma 2016 smart key board 2110 using VVDI Key Tool Max, Only one option makes the remote work but none has the proximity/smart feature working, Toyota Rav4 2018 the same issue.   Here Xhorsevvdi engineers answer: Sometimes a… Continue Reading

How to flash Bolero EDC 17c55 ECM With Xhorse VVDI KEYTOOL PLUS

Bolero EDC 17c55 ECM Flashing By Vvdi Keytool Plus 02

Hello, guys, today  we’ll show you how to use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad IMMO ECU Programmer  to flash Bolero EDC 17c55 ECM, here we are: After connecting vvdi keytool plus and the vehicle, press “Immo Programming”>>”Mahindra”>>”ECU Flash” >> “Start Programming… Continue Reading

VVDI Key Tool Plus and Dolphin XP005 Mazda CX5 2017 Review

VVDI Key Tool Plus And Dolphin XP005 Mazda CX5 2017 Review 2

Dolphin XP005+ Key Tool Plus on sale now. And here we will share on review from Stefan Stefanov about Key Tool Plus and dolphin xp005 do Mazda cx5. Mazda cx5 2017 keyless(euro) AKL, generated 2 VVDI keyless remotes, program to… Continue Reading