VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Program Hyundai Accint Key All Key Lost

vvdi prog hyundai

VVDI Prog can support multi-brand eeprom,and Hyundai Accint 2007 -2011 year car models,we use vvdi prog read eeprom dump file,and use vvdi2 to load dump file,make dealer key. 1.VVDI Prog Read EEPROM dump file. Choose the right type,check connection diagram,and do… Continue Reading

How to use Xhorse VVDI Prog 35160DW Chip?

VVDI Prog 35160DW Chip Support for replacing the following chips:M35080,M35080-3,M35080-6,M35080V6,M35080VP,D80D0WQ,160D0WQ,35160WT,35128WT.Here is steps about how to use VVDI Prog with  35160DW Chip. Need to update VVDI PROG Software to V4.8.1 – Notice:vvdi prog v4.8.1 Will be updated this days,not now -35160DW Chip… Continue Reading

VVDI Prog Read Benz Sprinter IMMO Box Successfully

vvdi prog

VVDI Prog support Benz Sprinter IMMO Box 2002-2005 year,here is the VVDI Prog read Benz Sprinter IMMO box steps. 1.Start VVDI prog software,and check connection. 2.Connection diagram. 3.Connect like the wiring diagram. 4.Connect VVDI PROG well with computer via USB cable. Then… Continue Reading

Free Download V4.8.0 VVDI PROG Software

vvdi prog update

V4.8.0 VVDI Prog newly add BMW F_ENGINE_MEVD1723(F20)EEPROM and BMW  F_ENGINE_ MEVD172K(F20)EEPROM options in  <3-ECU>-><BMW>. Here is V4.8.0 VVDI Prog software download link. VVDI PROG F_ENGINE_MEVD1723(F20)EEPROM Wiring Diagram 1.Free Download V4.8.0 VVDI PROG Software https://mega.nz/#!KoYxUSoT!HoPzpmmzGOvdiYw_kfSE0VWkSUfDVns1f_dM_m-vRHY VVDI PROG Software: V4.8.0 VVDI PROG Firmware:2.0.0   2.VVDI PROG V4.8.0 update (2018-2-27)… Continue Reading

Benz W211 All Key Lost Key Program by VVDI Prog + VVDI EZS Adapter

Step by step procedure on how to program key on Benz W211 when All Key Lost using VVDI Prog + VVDI EZS Adapter. Tool source: VVDI Prog (Used to read EIS dump file) VVDI EZS Adapter VVDI MB (used to prepare key and write) EIS /ESL testing tool (used to testing key)… Continue Reading

Free Download V4.7.9 VVDI Prog Software

vvdi prog update

V4.7.9 VVDI Prog newest software is released on Jan 27th.Here is free download link V4.7.9 vvdi prog software. 1.Free Download V4.7.9 vvdi xhorse tool VVDI Prog Software https://mega.nz/#!q4RygayJ!Pn-iZDsSQIvzvAIR3D-JXxjk2_c1p_fvF3qj4ndYCXU Password:123456 2. V4.7.9 VVDI PROG update info(2018-1-27) * This version DON’t need update firmware… Continue Reading

VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Program Toyota Land Cruiser 2013 Key

VVDI Prog read Toyota Land Cruiser OK,and VVDI2 transponder programmer software load the eeprom dump file,make dealer key.Here is some steps. 1.VVDI Prog Read data. Remove the chip from IMMO. Connect vvdi prog and chip with computer.You can check wiring diagram.… Continue Reading

Xhorse VVDI Prog M35160WT Adapter Review

vvdi prog m35160wt

M35160WT Adapter work with VVDI Prog programmer,support M35160WT/M35128.And our customer Sam received the adapter and gave us review about VVDI PROG M35160WT Adapter. 1.Please use with VVDI Prog newest 4.7.8 newest software,or it will have adapter valid error. it worked fine… Continue Reading

VVDI Prog Read Audi A4 25LC640 Chip Success

vvdi prog audi a4

VVDI Prog Newest Version V4.7.8.And firmware no need update,some customer click the update firmware and get error in vvdi prog software,there are two points to emphasis:First,vvdi prog firmware no need update,no newer firmware version.Second,firmware is update via xhorse update kit… Continue Reading