Free Download V4.8.1 VVDI Prog Software

vvdi prog update

V4.8.1 VVDI Prog software newly add D80XX, D160XX, M35080XX, M35160XX. You can use the 35160DW chip with V4.8.1 latest software. Here we share the V4.8.1 VVDI Prog download link,and the instruction about how to use vvdi prog and 35160dw chip. 1.Free Download V4.8.1 VVDI… Continue Reading

How to use Xhorse VVDI Prog 35160DW Chip?

VVDI Prog 35160DW Chip Support for replacing the following chips:M35080,M35080-3,M35080-6,M35080V6,M35080VP,D80D0WQ,160D0WQ,35160WT,35128WT.Here is steps about how to use VVDI Prog with  35160DW Chip. Need to update VVDI PROG Software to V4.8.1 V4.8.1 VVDI PROG Software Download [Password:123456] -35160DW Chip work with the following… Continue Reading