VVDI PROG 35160DW Chip Change KM OK

VVDI Prog can support D80XX, D160XX, M35080XX, M35160XX. And xhorsevvdi also sales with 35016DW Chip,Stable and reliable, and it is perfect replacement of original chip, without red dot error, no need simulator soldering. We received customer feedback about xhorse VVDI PROG 35160DW Chip.


I changed mileage on Bmw F10 535d 2011.
I use Xhorse chip 35160DW.
All good I erase Incremental memory to 00 00 and left like that

Question for you in cas4 change mileage on 0 or change for same mileage as dash.

Example now we have DASH 200000 cas4 200000.
I need lowered for 150000.
Dash 150000 Cas 150000   or
Dash 150000 Cas 0.
What way is good first or second.
Suggest:Dash 150000 Cas 0.

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