How to use VVDI2 Program Peugeot 3008 Key Remote?

vvdi2 prepare remote

VVDI2 transponder programming software can prepare remote.Here is blog about VVDI2 Program Peugeot 3008 Key Remote. Currently when install VVDI2 the remote database will be Chinese remote database(customer can replace bin file to change remote database version). next version will add… Continue Reading

Free Download V4.6.5 VVDI Prog Software(2017.11.27)

vvdi prog update

V4.6.5 VVDI Prog is released,get free download link for your vvdi prog software. 1.Free Download V4.6.5 VVDI Prog Software!DpJRGZJC!3jrjbFDLpiOB-IgO5wCna8Nzt6A3twmh9oJgMMmc6U8 Password:123456 2.V4.5.6 VVDI PROG Update Information * This version DON’t need update firmware * Fix some bugs + Add VVDI… Continue Reading

How to change Condor XC-MINI Chinese Language to English?

condor mini language error

Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine is with multi-language,default language is English one.But recently we received feedback that after update,got Chinese language,and do not know Chinese,how to change Condor XC-MINI back to English language? Solution: Please download newest Xhorse upgrade kit… Continue Reading

Xhorse update kit free download on mega

Xhorse update kit is newly available which makes upgrade online more easily. Xhorse update kit download on mega!a8I1yQBQ!LegAWNhWq2Pm_lh_hNBZs1fv8g-qDMJwSMV08tcWDOU Xhorse update kit newest software version:V1.1.4 Xhorse Company released 100% safe Steps: Download the mega link and unzip it. Double click “Upgrade kit.exe”.… Continue Reading