Condor XC-mini Customize Key File

Guide: Condor XC-mini customizes a key in 6 steps Guide: 1.Open the Key Data Customize Tool 2.For example, customize a corolla,right click mouse on “Toyota” to choose “Add key” 3.Measure the values following the schematic diagram and fill in the corresponding place. 4.Click save, add a key… Continue Reading

VVDI MB Tool 1 year subscription for unlimited tokens, how much & how to get it?

vvdi mb tool tokens provide 1 year subscription for unlimited tokens: 450USD on sale. Please click the product link: -> No country limit but only China. Single tokens are also available all the time: 1 token on sale 30USD 5 tokens on sale 145USD 10 tokens on sale 290USD How to get the tokens? Please provide your name, country, email and MB serial No. How to check… Continue Reading

How to use VVDI Key Tool Clone PCF7936 ID46 Transponder?

vvdi key tool clone

VVDI Key Tool Clone PCF7936 ID46 Transponder test OK.This blog is about VVDI Key Tool transponder clone function to do PCF7936 ID46 transponder. 1.Start VVDI Key Tool device,and go into “Transponder Clone” function. 2.Put the original key into coil. 3.Reading process.Then… Continue Reading