How to Use Land Rover KVM Adapter for VVDI Prog without Soldering?

Land Rover most after 2018 year car models need to replace the new KVM module, or refresh the data. But read or write data process may cause problems as the wiring. VVDI Prog will help you solve the problem, and now has one Special Clip Adapter for VVDI Prog to Read Land Rover KVM NO Need Soldering.


In Previous,you need do wiring like the diagram in VVDI Prog software

Please confirm the adapter PINS whether is matched with your PCB.It supports Land Rover after 2018 year.


Now use the Clip adapter without soldering, easier to connect

Choose the type MCU SPC56 from VVDI Prog software

vvdi-prog-kvm-adapter-use-1 vvdi-prog-kvm-adapter-use-2

Then connect like the pic shows:



Other Suggestion:

1: It is recommended to prepare spare KVMs, first refresh yhe spare KVM, if you can do successfully, then try the one you need read/write. If it is not normal status, you need to verify that the KVM hardware is the same, or maybe there is a special version of the KVM.
2: It is best to use full erase read and write when reading and writing. If you choose to decrypt/read/write, you need do a lot of wiring, and moving and disassembly the hardware is easy to cause module damage. Full erase read and write is easier to operate with only 4 wiresHowever, after the full wipe is unlocked, the partition size needs to be reset.

Generally speaking, as long as there is suitable data, the KVM data reading equipment, the difficulty of the operation of the new Land Rover is limited to disassembly. For vehicles that use other equipment turns out to be faulty, you can program or refresh the KVM and then reprogram.