How to solve ID48 Clone “Please combine SN with Xhorse APP!” error

How To Solve Id48 Clone Please Combine Sn With Xhorse App Error 1

When do ID48 transponder clone online, got the error like the following pic: “Please combine SN with Xhorse APP!” MINI Key Tool, automatically series, KEY TOOL PLUS, support combination device from APP->[Device information] Same error in vvdi key tool plus… Continue Reading

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration: Free 96bit ID48 Function for KeyTool/MINI Key Tool

xhorse id48 96bit sale

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration: 96bit ID48 function will be activated automatically on Oct 1st. Promotion expires Oct 1st.If customer who had vvdi key tool,you can get this function free. MINI key tool no need operate again,as MINI Key Tool ID48 96bit… Continue Reading