MINI Key Tool Clone VW Bettle 2014 ID48 Chip Successfully

MINI Key Tool now is on promototion on, and sale will end on June 15th. MINI Key Tool is free with ID48 96bit authorization. Here we will display VW Bettle 2014 ID48 Chip clone testing OK.

1.Connect MINI Key Tool with phone via bluetooth.

mini key tool

2.Put original key into coil, choose transponder clone in Xhorse APP MINI Key  Tool page.

MINI key tool

3.Press clone.

mini key tool id48 clone

4.ID48 96bit online clone,put original key into coil,detect, press start clone.

mini key tool

5.Sniff data -data collecting.

Put antenna close to the ignition switch.

mini key tool id48 96bit clone

6.Turn on-Off then remove key out 8 times until promopted to collect data.

7.Put original key into coil to calculate.

mini key tool id48

8.Query calculation result from server.

9.Put ID48 chip to write.

mini key tool id48 copy

10.Write OK.