Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool ID46 Clone Tips

VVDI MINI Key Tool support ID46 transponder clone, and we received some questions about ID46 clone.

1.Universal Clone and fast copy way,which one to choose?

Please confirm the chip you use,if original chip from original key,both mode are OK.

If not original chip,pelase choose fastcopy mode.

mini key tool id46 clone

2.Use super chip or XN wireless key to clone.

If you use xhorse remote key,please do not forget to insert battery.

mini key tool id46 clone

3.A new review for Xhorse Super Remote Key,it showed:Old version,please use vvdi2 or key tool.

If you remote key is bought too old time,MINI Key Tool can not do,please use VVDI2 or key tool.

mini key tool id46 clonexhorse super remote key


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