MINI Key Tool Generate Mitsubishi ID46 Transponder Tips

MINI Key Tool can support generate ID11,ID12 ID 13, ID46 transponder.etc

And we received feedback that when use Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool generate ID46  Mitsubishi -7936 tranponder got ther error:Prepare failed. Just like the following pic:

mini key tool id46 transponder generate


Please use the xhorse super chip XT27 or original ID46 chip

mini key tool id46 transponder generate

V1.1.1 MINI Key Tool Update (2019/06/03):
1 Add XHORSE Supermodel series remote generation support
2 Add the generation support of Hyundai,Kia 4D70 (super-module chip or remote)
3 Modified Toyota G Chip Generation Key Location
4 Add the signal detection of automobile coil