Xhorse Bonus Points Exchange VVDI MB BGA Token Tips

Xhorse Bonus Points system,how can we get remote points?how can i exchange bga token? how to solve exchange failed error? when need token or points? This blog will display FAQs, if you have more questions,please feel free to contact us.

1.How to get Remote Points?

1.1. Xhorse wire key,xhorse wireless key

When you use xhorse key to generate,it will have points. Wire key 25 points, wireless key 40 points.


1.2. Xhorse benz pcb(Item NO.SA1783)

Each key is free with 200 points.Note that this points only OK to exchange BGA token.

How to Collect Points from Xhorse benz key pcb via VVDI MB Tool?

How to use VVDI MB Tool Collect Xhorse Benz PCB Points and Exchange BGA Token?

How to exchange points to BGA Token?
Customer need log in the app and link the device to the account, then customer can exchange the token in “shop” of Xhorse APP.

200 points = 1 token , and the vvdi mb points that is only can use for exchange the vvdi mb token.

1.3. Open ID48 96bit Authorization(Item NO.SV86-S3),free with 1500 points

2.VVDI BE Key Points Exchange BGA Token FAQs
2.1.Q: When excahnge BGA Token,it got the error “this device cannot exchange tokens, please contact your dealer to update device combine status!”

A: Please contact VVDI MB Tool the seller to set bind staus for you, then it is OK to exchange.

2.2.Q: Can i transfer VVDI BE Key points to my VVDI2? Or my vvdi2 points can exchange BGA Token?
A: This SA1783 benz key points only can exchange BGA Tokens, can not transfer to VVDI2. But other device points,like vvdi2,can used to exchange BGA token.

2.3.In Bonus Points Shop,the parts,some customer misunderstand that you have VVDI Prog PCF79XX  adapter,can get 3750 points.

NO. It means if you have 3750 bonus points,you can use points exchange VVDI PROG PCF79XX programmer adapter.


2.4. When will need points or token to use with Xhorse Tools?

  • VVDI MB BGA Tool,key password online read will need BGA Token. If all key lost, will need two tokens. If one working key, one BGA Token is OK.
  • VVDI2/VVDI Key Tool/MINI Key Tool ID48 96bit online online,each time will cost 100 points or one token.
  • VVDI2 Prepare Toyota H transponder require online calculation.Each time will cost 200 bonus points.

2.5. Can I buy the remote points?Token is same with points?

Remoge points the way you can get we introduce in thet beginning.

We sell ID48 96bit clone token, and BGA Token. And ID48 clone each time will cost 1 token or 100 points. But toyota h only points. So if you points is used up,please collect the points, we do not sell points.

They are different. Points can exchange to BGA Token or used in ID48 clone,toyota h prepare function. But token can not exchange to points to use in toyota H function.

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