How to get bonus points using VVDI universal remotes?

Xhorse points can get by useing Xhorse remote keys. Different keys,the points is different. And after you use the remote keys to generate, then you can get the points.

Here is the details:

1.How many points you can get from Xhorse remote key?

Get 25 points By using a VVDI Wire Remote.

Get 40 points By using a xhorse super remote key.

Get 40 points By using a VVDI Wireless Remote.

Get 60 points By Xhorse Smart key.


Some customer gave feedback that Write feedback in Xhorse APP,why not have points reward. As a friendly reminder:

1.It is only OK in China area now,overseas customers not available at present.

2.The feedback must be useful,like how to match key.etc,if only which key OK,not OK,this not OK.

2.How to check Bonus Points?

The bonus points can be checked on the Xhorse points server by using Xhorse Upgrader kit software,or you can check in Xhorse APP.

Click bonus points in xhorse update kit software. Or you can sign in self-system service to check.


Or Xhorse APP,click “Bonus Points”.


3.How to Choose Xhorse keys?

3.1.Xhorse Universal Remote Key 39pcs/set

The package are wire keys 39 pcs,price 279USD.


3.2.Xhorse wire key and wireless remote key 5pcs/lot

Wire key in stock now:

Wireless key in stock now:

3.3.Xhorse super remote key

VVDI Super Remote Key DS Style 3 Buttons work with MINI Key Tool/VVDI2/Key Tool,40 points.

What is difference between xhorse super remote and xhorse wire/rireless remote key?
1. Xhorse Wireless key is with the NXP chip (which is like the hitag series chips, like the chip ID46 and ID47).Xhorse wire key is without NXP chip.
2. Xhorse Super remote, it is wtih the vvdi super chip inside, so it can support more types.
3. Super remote and xhorse wire/wireless remote key, their PCB and the remote control part is the same.
4. In brief,xhorse super remote covers all function of wire and wireless key.


3.4 Xhorse smart key

XhorseVVDI has 3 smart keys to sale now:



4.How to reuse Xhorse remote key/xhorse smart key?

Xhorse keys are reuse,super chips can be rewrite. For xhorse keys, please use key tool,vvdi2,mini key tool generate it again is OK.

5.VVDI MB Tool 600USD+5000 Points Sale

For 5000 points,please note that the points get from remote keys or if you open id48 96bit can get free 1500 points.

The points you get from xhorse benz pcb can not,Xhorse benz pcb each key 200 points is only OK to exchange BGA Token.