How to Remove Cutter/ Probe Stuck in Xhorse Key Cutting Machine?


The cutter/ probe gets stuck in the holder of Dolphin XP005/ XP005L/ XP007 because

1)Clean cutter but dry tissue left inside

2)Probe gets broken



First, the only way to remove stuck parts is pulling them out, or replace the whole component.

Here are some

Possible Solutions:


Make it go round, and pull it out by a pliers.


2.Remove the rough edges

Went rounds between removing rough edges, dry cloth, little wd40 on tissue, dry wipe again.

Done 4 or 5 times, and it moves in & out smoothly


Maintenance Tips:

1.Clean machine esp. remove metal filings by the brush inside the package

2.For machines that has been used for years, open it, clean inside parts, and lube ball screw and cross rail


Thanks to Allan, CJ, Dylon…