V2.2.1 Xhorse APP Update, Support Dolphin II Key Cutting Machine

V2.2.1 Xhorse APP is released, newly add Xhorse Dolphin II XP-005L Key Cutting Machine, this is new released key cutting machine, with adjustable screen. Xhorse also release Xhorse Key Read Blade Skimmer, please excepting!

1.V2.2.1 Xhorse APP Update info:

-Support Dolphin II Key Cutting Machine

-Support optical identification device

-MINI Prog add write service function

-Bug fix


1.Xhorse Dolphin II XP-005L Key Cutting Machine.


Xhorse Dolphin II APP Display:

v2-2-1-xhorse-app-update-support-dolphin-ii-2 v2-2-1-xhorse-app-update-support-dolphin-ii-3

2.Xhorse Key Reader Blade Skimmer


You can check Preview Video on China exhibition of Xhorse Dolphin ii and Xhorse Key Reader:

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