Key cutting machine for beginner Xhorse Dolphin or DEFU 368?

For a beginner who is going to focus more into immo and car keys, what would be the recommendation for a cheap and easy to work with key cutting machine ? DEFU 368 can be used as a backup machine, Xhorse Dolphin XP005 / xp007 is a serious commercial key cutting machine


Locksmiths’ feedback is a good proof:

1st Feedback:

DEFU 368: I don’t wanna make a locksmith business with this machine, but I have maybe 2 keys per week to make and I need to cut them by myself. If I get handy with it and I improve my skills I think I will upgrade it with a Xhorse Dolphin XP-007.


2nd Feedback:

my first machine is Dolphin 007, believe me, no need to improve any skills , I cut almost 50 keys till now and every key is good.

I also want to buy Defu machine but thank to god i did not buy. my friend buy defu, it is ok, he work with those machine but if you have money buy Dolphin 007.


3rd Feedback on Defu:

The very first machine I bought was a Defu – the dearer of the two laser key versions. It worked for laser keys, and it was really just for personal use – it was cheaper than buying two keys from the dealer. It needed a bit of fettling, and I learned a bit using it.


As a learning experience, or to do a few keys, or as a backup machine, it’s well worth the money.

As a serious commercial key cutting machine? No.


4th Feedback on Xhorse Dolphin XP-005:

just another automated key cutter, but it is really made to work on the roadside – a good choice

After the X6 I was really happy to have a machine what’s more compacter and smaller for the roadside work – but this small thing is a heavy opponent. At first it is heavy because the batteries are built in into the machine, it can cut up to 10 keys without recharging – when you have no troubles with his…

It operates from smartphone or tablet or KeyTool Max as usual @ X-Horse, you can use the same VVDI app. The connection was made trough Bluetooth as usual.

Read this blog on more Xhorse Dolphin feedback and using tips:



More locksmiths prefer Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP-005 for new business, you deserve it. Also Dolphin XP007 manual cutting machine.