Xhorse Dolphin II XP-005L vs Dolphin XP-005 vs Condor XC-MINI Plus

2021 new Xhorse Dolphin XP-005L Key Cutting Machine is taking pre-orders now at xhorsevvdi.com.


Lets see the difference among them:


Item Dolphin XP-005 Dolphin XP-005L Condor XC-MINI Plus
Image xhorse-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-condor-xc-mini-plus-1 xhorse-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-condor-xc-mini-plus-2 xhorse-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-condor-xc-mini-plus-3
Price(USD) 1950$ 2250$ 2700$
Weight(Net) 15kg 13kg 18kg
Weight(Gross) 18kg 18.5kg 22.9kg
Size 315x218x270mm 390*220*270mm 265*362*301mm
Screen × Angle adjustable 5-inch LCD touch screen Angle adjustable 7-inch LCD touch screen
Smart status indicator × Yes (in blue, yellow, red color) ×
Protection cover Yes,not enough Yes, good Yes, good
Update Database update in APP, firmware update via Xhorse update kit Online Update Online Update, support offline file update.
Clamp M1, M2,
M1, M2, M5(=M1+M2)
M1, M2,
Manipulation Phone APP/Key Tool Max Phone APP/Standalone Standalone
Offline operation × ×
All keys lost

What is Clamp M5?

The new clamp M5 is equal to clamp M1 plus M2, supporting Dolphin II XP-005L and Condor XC-MINI II(coming soon).

Clamp M5 has side A and B, so users can turn it over as cutting needs instead of replacing different clamps. Detailed method is:

Loosen the key lock knob, turn over the clamp and tighten the key lock knob.

xhorse-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-condor-xc-mini-plus-4 xhorse-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-condor-xc-mini-plus-5


What new features on Dolphin XP-005L?

Dolphin XP-005L ≈Dolphin XP-005 software(function) + Condor XC-MINI Plus hardware.

Compared to Dolphin XP-005:

300$, we’ll get

An HD screen(you don’t have to operate on your phone or buy a Key Tool Max),

A larger protection cover(Some customers gave a feedback that they wanted to buy a separate shell for Dolphin XP-005),

Online update(Firmware update via Upgrade Kit is a big trouble to some customers)

Lower weight(Easier to carry out)

M5 clamp(Make operation easier).


Compared to Condor XC-MINI Plus:

450$, we’ll lose

A larger screen, offline operation. However, XC-Mini Plus doesn’t have a built-in battery so hard to take it out.


Personal review

Basically for me, 300 bucks to get a screen, don’t worth it. Just pay more 50 bucks and I can get Key tool max plus XP-005. And lower weight and the combination M5(M1, M2) also don’t interest me, but I’d like to pay for online update, because when the device needs a firmware update, you have to request a link to the update software application through the support section of their phone app. I couldn’t get it to communicate with my Dolphin xp005 over USB, and  eventually I do the update using a friends computer.

As for Condor Mini Plus, you can see the biggest difference is that it allows you to cut keys without network support. It’s very useful, but the price is too high. See if you really need that function.


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