Xhorse Dolphin XP005 VA2/VA6/VA2EH Bug will fix in new Xhorse APP

Recent time, we received feedback that xhorse dolphin xp005 cutting a va2eh2 key, The key decodes fine, yet when cut it is nothing like what it should be. Done in clamp m2 (A). I have done height calibration, calibrated the clamp. I’ve upgraded firmware to most recent and app to most recent. It still doing the same.

xhorse-dolphin-app-update-1-473x1024 xhorse-dolphin-app-update-2-473x1024 xhorse-dolphin-app-update-3-576x1024 xhorse-dolphin-app-update-4


Xhorse APP new version will fix the bug,thanks.

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