Feedback on VVDI Mini Key Tool or Key Tool Max

About the differences between VVDI Mini Key Tool and Xhorse Key Tool Max, some users shared their feedback.



  1. Xhorse Key Tool Max has big screen.

just immo programming by dump for me the mini handle the job just like the max.


  1. for me the keytool max is better.


  1. I’ve had zero issues in Xhorse Key Tool Max 1+ years and I’ve gotten a better ROI on this tool than any other device I own, PLUS they’re priced so that they’re damn-near throw-always.


  1. I have both but like Key Tool Max because no need to use app on phone to connect.


  1. I have both. The Key Tool Max worked very well for about a year. I got the VVDI Mini Key Tool as a backup and glad I did. Things it used to do seems to confuse itself. Like everything Xhorse. Max is not used as much as it once was.


  1. Mini key tool i also use its very good.

By APP store (play store… write “Xhorse”), you can download the application to use Mini Key Tool.


  1. Got both, basically both the same thing but Key Tool Max connects without the need for an app where as Mini Key Tool you have to use phone app to generate / use dolphin etc.


  1. I have Mini Key Tool and is great, also got a year of free id48 copy/day. After the first year I wanted to buy the Max but the supplier told me that the Max doesn’t have the free id48 copy, always have to use points or tokens.

If I will have to buy again, I will definitely buy the mini.




Alright, do you have an idea which one better? Or this article for your reference How to choose VVDI Mini Key Tool vs VVDI Key Tool Max?


I will add more feedback on VVDI Mini Key Tool and Key Tool Max.


Have Fun!