Key Tool Max ID48 (96bit) online calculation “Function not activated” Solution

I just bought Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max, the problem is I didn’t know how to clone ID48 (96bit) keys, every time it shows” Function not activated”, does it have to have the bonus points to make it work? How to get the bonus points?

key-tool-max-id48-96bit-online-calculation-01 key-tool-max-id48-96bit-online-calculation-02


How to Activate Xhorse ID48 (96 Bits) Authorization:


Cheapest option:

The chips 48 are not free. You’ll generate 10 different remote controls (You need to generate keys not clone chips). But no matter what do you generate. This must be programmed 10 of them to collect bonus points and unlock the activation.


You need 10 different keys new from xhorse (Wire,Wireless,Super, Smart Remotes). Generate 10 and then you get this function activated. After that you can use the keys to get them programmed in cars.

Then the function automatically activate.


This .pdf file tells how to activate 96bit 48 clone by collecting points:


What type of VVDI remote should be generated and how many points to collect:

Wire remote = 25 points

Wireless remote =40 points

Super remote = 40 points

Smart key remote = 60 points


Another option:

Or you buy ID48 96bit Transponder Copy Authorization Service ($250).

Source of ID48 96bit Transponder Copy Authorization Service ($250): (It’s the same authorization that is shared with all your combined devices)


Tokens for 48 Cloning = $8


Generate the same for different car brands, 48 chip per token. Everything else is free!


Hope it helps!