Why VVDI Key Tool Max ID48 96bit Not Activate?

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max needs to activate ID48 96bit function by generating 10 new VVDI Remotes, or buy ID48 96bit activation. And for customers who generate 10 new vvdi keys, and ask why still not get after generating OK.

Here is one review of Key Tool Max ID48 Activation:

Need this to be activated got clients, yes i know how to activate but i ordered a bunch of xhorse remotes but havent got them yet. Can supply shipping info if needed. Pretty strange its not activated when you order the tool.

how to check how many are done? The counter on my keytool max says 14 generated remotes but still not open

Here is the way how to check:

Please check in device info>>license, it will display the status. If not display how many keys you need generate, please wait about 2 hours, will get automatically.





  1. Please confirm all new VVDI Remotes, not generate before.
  2. After generate, check in license, it will display which you need to do next.

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