New Xhorse Dolphin XP-005L vs. Dolphin XP-005 vs. Panda XA-006

Xhorse Dolphin II/XP-005L Key Cutting Machine, equipped with a touch screen, a protective cover, a M5 clamp and smart LED indicators, supports firmware & database updates via Wi-Fi.


Here we’ll talk about the differences among those locksmith key cutting machines Dolphin XP-005L, Dolphin XP-005, and Panda XA-006.



See the differences:

Dolphin XP-005 Dolphin XP-005L Panda XA-006
Image new-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-panda-xa-006-1 new-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-panda-xa-006-2 new-dolphin-xp-005l-vs-dolphin-xp-005-vs-panda-xa-006-3
Clamp M1,M2(included in package)
M3,M4(optional purchase)
M5(included in package)
M3,M4(optional purchase)
A1(included in the package)
Cutter 1.5mm, 2.5mm 1.5mm, 2.5mm 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Indicator lights Yes, good Yes, excellent Yes, good
Built-in battery Yes Yes No,need 12V power supply
Screen No Yes No
Protective Cover Yes,Small Yes, Complete No
Net weight 15kg 13kg 12kg
Gross weight 18kg 18.5kg 15kg
Size 315*218*270mm 390*220*270mm 316*184*234mm
Control via phone app via phone app/screen via phone app
Wi-Fi No Yes No
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Firmware update Connected to PC On screen/phone app Connected to PC
Database update On phone app On screen/phone app On phone app
Offline operation No No No
All Key Lost Yes Yes Yes
Daily AKL limit No No Free for the 1st time,
100 points each time
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year


From the chart we can see:

1. Clamp M5 and A1 allows that XP-005L and XA-006 don’t have to repeat installation of a clamp.


2. On hardware, XP005L wins a lot. Since

  • With the quick-start screen we don’t have to operate it on our phone.
  • A complete protective cover prevent fluttering metal fillings. (Some XP005users wanted to pay for the protective cover)
  • Smart three-color indicators let us know the working status. (gray – Fault, Blue – Normal, Yellow – Prompt)


3. Online firmware update via Wi-Fi is definitely a big charm of XP-005L.

As XP005L supports Wi-Fi, we don’t have to plug it to a PC and update it via “Upgrade Kit”.


4. Panda XA-006 is the easiest to carry but it needs a power adapter since it hasn’t a built-in battery.


5.None support offline key cutting.

If you want an offline operation, you can check Condor XC-MINI Plus and  Condor XC-MINI Plus II 


Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Package List:


1pc x Machine

1pc x Clamp M5 and link stopper

1pc x 1.5mm cutter

1pc x 2.5mm cutter

1pc x Probe

1pc x 2mm+4mm 3mm hexagon bar wrench

1pc x 3mm hexagon bar wrench

1pc x 6mm hexagon bar wrench

1pc x Power adapter

1pc x 1.5m Power cord

1pc x Brush

1pc x Product quality certificate

1pc x User manual