How to Choose Between New Xhorse Condor II and Dolphin II?

The new Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus II Key Cutting Machine will be released next month, so here we collect major features and see if it’s worth it for us to buy.


As the upgraded version of Condor XC-MINI Plus, I’ll talk about it on software and firmware.


Part 1. Software

1. Support Car, Motorcycle, Household keys

Like the new Dolphin XP005L, it supports keys beyond cars.


But anyway, it’s mainly for car keys, only a few motorcycle and household keys are on the database.


2. Key Blank Engraving (Dimple key)

This is the biggest difference in my view.

Due to the two new dimple cutters (internal/external), Condor II can decode and cut multi-lock dimple keys.




Similarly, it has a key blank engraving function so that we can personalize our keys.



3. Offline Operation

Like the Condor Mini Plus, it supports offline operation. Network is not always available, so this function could be a highlight.

One thing I have to mention is that it still doesn’t have a built-in battery, so if you want to take it out, you may prepare a van to power it, or conside new Dolphin XP005L.


4. Work with Key Reader

We know Xhorse Key Reader is for decoding plastic and Aluminum keys like some keys of Landrover and Audi, and it can work with Dolphin, Condor and Panda key cutting machine. Why I mention this point is that Condor XC-Mini II is the only one that can directly connect to Key Reader without a phone.


5. Manual Cutting

Manual cutting is a distinguishing feature of Condor II, which allows us to modify key blanks such as thinning and widening keys.

(1)Condor II Manual Cutting Guide

2)Condor II modify a blank to a flip key


Part 2. Firmware

1. 7-inch Touch Screen

Big touch screen control, also supports control from phone app. It should be similar to them on Dolphin II, screen and app , both work fast.

2. Clamp M5 (M1+M2)

Clamp M5 is compatible with Dolphin XP-005L and this Condor Mini Plus II. I think Clamp M5 is really handy, don’t have to install and uninstall during procedure, just rotate it to select side A/B, and lots of guys also appreciate this clamp update.



I like Clamp M5 so much, so I recommend choosing between Dolphin II and Condor II.

To choose Condor II, you really need to handle dimple keys and modify key blanks;

To choose Dolphin II, you don’t really need to cut dimple keys and you prefer a machine with a built-in battery so you can take it out.


Hope this could help!


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