Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Special Functions List

Xhorse VVDI Mini key tool can generate and copy the remote & chip by working together with the mobile phone. Support normal ID48 transponder. and  Mini key tool is possible to do these  special functions below:

  1. Remote Renew
  2. Ignition switch coil signal detection
  3. Set type of VVDI super chip
  4. VVDI Special TP
  5. Unlock Toyota Smartkey
  6. Special 4D to 4C
  7. ID63 to ID83
  8. Detect remote
  9. VVDI remote repair calibration
  10. VVDI smart key clone
  11. VVDI smart key customization
  12. Remote charge battery
  13. Honda cycle key renew
  14. IC/ID Clone
  15. 8E remote upgrade, unlock and frequency conversion
  16. XM smart key customization
  17. Toyota smart key frequency setting



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