Why do you Choose Xhorse VVDI BE Benz Key?

There are many kinds of BE Mercedes-Benz keys in the market. How much do you know about the BE key? How much do you know about the Xhorse VVDI BE MB Key?

1.BE key and Xhorse VVDI BE MB Key

Firstly, the BE key is a non-original key. Most BE keys can read the password via IR way. (Some 24C02 BE keys can be read from the 24C02 using the programmer.) Some special manufacturers’ BE keys cannot be read out. password. If the customer uses the BE key as a key to add, most of us can get the password from the customer’s original BE key.
At present, the BE key is non-intelligent one. If customer’s original key is keylessgo one, we can only match the remote control with key start.

For some old models of W210 W215 W164W169 chassis, some keys cannot be started, or the remote control loses code. Now xhorse vvdi be key pro will be a good choice.


2.Why do you Choose Xhorse VVDI BE Benz Key?

1:Support 315mhz/433mhz,you can switch freely
The frequency can be directly switched by the VVDI MB BGA Tool device, which is easy to operate without disassembly and soldering. If the VVDI MB BGA is not available, the frequency can be switched by removing the resistor on the board.

Here is the guide how to change frequency:

How to Change Xhorse VVDI BE Key Pro Benz PCB Frequency?

2: Stable to use, quality is the best.
Xhorse benz pcb will not like other BE key for some W210 W215 W164 W169 chassis vehicles.


3: Free with 200 points each key
VVDI MB BGA online calculation will need BGA Token. Each key contains 200 points, you can use this 200 points exchange 1 BGA token on xhorse app. In other words, the key calculation using VVDI key is free.

4: The key function can be switched
Some customers need the driver protection function –  presse the unlock button to open the door on the main driver’s side, and then presses the unlock button again to unlock all the doors. We hold both the unlock button and lock button of the BE key at the same time 10 seconds then can be switched.


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