VVDI PROG Programmer MCU Reflash Cable V3 Replace V2

VVDI Prog default package includes MCU Reflash Cable V3, and in previous had V2 one. All vvdi prog and extra VVDI Prog MCU Reflash Cable we sell now are V3.

1.MCU Reflash Cable V3 Function
Function: Read & Write MC68HC(9)12, V850, H8X, R5C series chips, current version is V3
Use method: Soldering the line on pin of chip before read & write

(1) Please check all connection lines,ensure correct and reliable connection
(2) Please Don’t lengthen CLK and GND-C line, maybe cause read data failed

2.MCU Reflash Cable V3 Cover V2 Function

We received customer question that how to change MCU Reflash Cable V3 to V2 to do wiring diagram.


No need to adjust, MCU Reflash Cable V3 Cover V2 function,just use the V3 cable is OK.

3.If your Cable is V2,no need worry,VVDI prog software display how to modify V2 to V3


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