VVDI Prog read Volvo V50 9S12DG256 0L01Y

Thread: vvdi prog is able to read volvo v50 keyless entry module? Chip is 9s12dg256 0L01Y

Yes. The 9s12dg256 chip is listed. And 0L01Y is the same MCU as in Benz EZS/EIS units….W906 for example…try this

volvo v50 keyless entry module:

Chip 9s12dg256 on the vvdi prog list:

MC9S12 Reflash Cable you shoul have to work with VVDI Prog:

It’s aimed to Read & Write MC9S08, MC9S12 series chips

Solder the line on pin of chips before reading & writing chips


(1) Please check all connection lines, ensure correct and reliable


(2) Please Don’t lengthen CLK and GND-C line, maybe lead to read data failure

Motorola mc9s12dg256 secured chip wiring diagram:

Motorola mc9s12dg256 unsecured chip wiring diagram:

Xhorse Vvdi prog read Volvo 0L01Y: (same as MB EIS 0L01Y)

Step1. Open VVDI PROG software. Choose “Type”, “Brand” and “Chip” then Click on “Connection diagram”.

You can see the wiring diagram of EIS 0L01Y

Step2. Click on “Read ID” then “Read”. VVDI PROG read Mercedes W906 EIS 0L01Y OK!

Click on “Save” and name the file “ee”.

Step3. Click on “Flash” then “New” then “Read”.

Click “Save” and name the file “flash”.

Step4. Click on “Erase” and “Yes” to confirm that.

After that, Click on “Check Blank”.

Step5. Click on “Write” and “Yes” to confirm that.

wait about 3 minutes and Xhorse VVDI PROG write Mercedes W906 Sprinter EIS 0L01Y successfully!

Click “Verify” as the last step to check and things done!

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