Xhorse VVDI BE Ben Key Pro Free with 200 Bonus Points

Xhorse Brand Benz key PCB can support both 315mhz and 433 mhz,and what is the most outstanding features?

Xhorse VVDI BE Benz Key Pro is free with 200 points.As we all know,when you use VVDI MB Tool software get key password,you will need tokens to calculate online,5 tokens 120USD. But now,if you use Xhorse Benz pcb,it is free with 200 points, which is equal to 1 BGA tokens.In other words,you can get key password free with the 1 token.


1.How to check VVDI BE key points?

Please check in VVDI MB Tool,points system.

You can get bonus points by use VVDI BE key. With Bonus points, you can not only exchange BGA tokens, but also exchange other functions and components.

Online check VVDI BE key status, whether it contains bonus points or not. This function only verify,you can use upload points move BE key bonus points to your device.


2.VVDI BE key can do 315mhz and 433mhz,you can change key frequency via VVDI MB Tool software or remove resistor.

You can check detailed guide from the page https://www.xhorsevvdi.com/service/how-to-change-xhorse-vvdi-be-key-pro-benz-pcb-frequency.html

3.What is the meaning of  “BE”?

BE is the version of Benz key,it means OEM.

Products are divided by five classes: genuine, OEM, replacement, remanufacture and used.

Xhorse brand Benz key More compatibility, High Stability, High reliability, Digital signature.

Xhorse VVDI BE Ben Key Pro are with enough stock on sale now:


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