(Solved) VVDI Max “Error! Only be programmed by XN series wireless remote”

Vvdi Key Tool Max Xn Remote 01

Customer Question: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max got error “Unsupport” “Error! Only be programmed by XN series wireless remote”.any ideal?   Solution: You used an incorrect key, so it cannot be matched,you should use the XN remote (wireless key) such as… Continue Reading

Xhorse bonus points,what is the use & How to collect?

For some customers’ questions about xhorse bonus points, xhorsevvdi.com give an explanation: How to collect xhorse bonus points? 1.Buy Xhorse VVDI remote (Collecting points for the first time using a VVDI REMOTE device) Notice:Need to plugged the key into the… Continue Reading