Xhorse bonus points,what is the use & How to collect?

For some customers’ questions about xhorse bonus points, xhorsevvdi.com give an explanation:
How to collect xhorse bonus points?
1.Buy Xhorse VVDI remote (Collecting points for the first time using a VVDI REMOTE device)
Notice:Need to plugged the key into the device, then click on the collection to have points.
wire remote/ 25bonus points
wireless remote/ 40 bonus points
2. By purchasing/transfering the points collected by others, it is the point transaction (popular)
What is the use of xhorse bonus points?
These points can be used to calculate online redemption features/items (see Xhorse APP’s points store)
There is also one VVDI BE key Pro that can earn 200 points per use, but this 200-point is a non-exchangeable item that can only be used for Mercedes-Benz online calculations.
How to check the Xhorse Points?
The bonus points can be stored on the Xhorse points server by using Xhorse Upgrade Kit software.
Xhorse Upgrade Kit Software download:
The bonus points can be easily checked from the Xhorse Customer self-service syste
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