How to Choose VVDI MB Tool Benz Keys?

VVDI MB Tool Benz key programmer is professiona key programmer for Benz.And also sell keys which can work with VVDI MB BGA Tool.


1.Original YH Key for Mercedes-Benz 315MHZ/433MHZ

It can work with VVDI MB Tool,support 705 Moto(1997-2000) NEC(2001-2005) NEC(2006-2010) BGA(after 2011).And it is original YANHUA brand key.

2.OEM Benz Keys

2.1.New Smart Key 3 button 433MHZ/315MHZ (1997-2015) for Benz (Item NO.SA1252)

Hot selling benz key.only one battery. If you change NEC chip in the key,it can be reused.



2.2.Smart Key 3 Button 315MHZ/433MHZ for Benz (1997-2015) with Two Batteries (Item NO.SA1252-B,SA1253-B)

It is two batteries,previous SA1252 is only with one battery,this one with two.


2.3.OEM Smart Key for Mercedes-Benz 315MHZ/433MHZ With Key Shell (1997-2015) 

Item NO.SA1242-B   SA1243-B

3.Original Keys:It depends on the key type,not all can support.


These version like pic shows original keys is available.

4.VVDI Benz Key Pro

1.VVDI BE key support both 315mhz and 433mhz,you can change frequency via VVDI MB Tool software or remove resistor.
2.Use BE benz key, it is free with 200 points(equal 1 BGA Token).
3.Xhorse brand,superior quality.