VVDI MB Tool Change Xhorse Benz PCB Frequency via IR

New Xhorse Benz PCB can change frequency via IR using VVDI MB Tool.Here we will display some simple steps.

1.Connect VVDI MB BGA Tool and Xhorse Benz PCB and IR way connection.

VVDI mb tool

Xhorse Benz PCB:

xhorse benz pcb

2.Start VVDI MB Tool software,choose “Set Key Remote Frequency”

VVDI mb tool

3.Then it shows:Support change remote frequency via IR for some special keys.Click “Read Frequency”

vvdi mb tool change frequency

4.After reading,it shows it is 315MHZ.

vvdi benz key frequency

5.Choose 433MHZ and click “set frequency”

vvdi benz

6.Set successfully.And read frequency again,it will display it is 433mhz now.

vvdi benz

vvdi benz

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