Xhorse EIS/ELV Test Line W204 W212 W221 W164 W166 Cables Guide

benz eis cable

Xhorse EIS/ELV Test Line for Mercedes W204 W212 W221 W164 W166 (without having to get on the car) Can Work Together with VVDI BGA MB TOOL. 1.W221 2216 2.W166 W246 3.W164 4.W212 5.W204 W207 W212(OLD) Xhorse EIS/ELV Test Line Connection EIS/ELV… Continue Reading

VVDI MB Tool Read Benz HC05 Based Key Password Via IR Reviews

VVDI BENZ IR adapter

VVDI MB Tool password online calculation can support large arrnage of Benz car models. Meanwhile some car models can read key password directly, like V51 V57,,and HC05 based one. Here we will share review about VVDI MB BGA Tool read password… Continue Reading

VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter W210 W211 W639 W906 Connection Wiring

vvdi benz w210

V4.5.0 VVDI MB Tool newet software newly add password calculation: Support get password from old Kline and CAN EIS without desolder for W202/W208/W210/W203/W469/W639(Kline)/W639 2009-/W906. Now buy VVDI MB Tool,can get free VVDI MB Tool power adapter. Here is the VVDI… Continue Reading

How to Solve VVDI MB Tool Benz W203 “Can’t Start Communication with EIS” Error

vvdi benz w203

VVDI MB Tool can support W203 via OBD/IR way.As well as W164, W164 2009+ A166, W197, W212, W218, A246.etc But when try to read W203 EIS data via OBD way,it got error “Can’t Start Communication with EIS,please check connection”,just like following pic shows. How to solve this… Continue Reading

VVDI MB BGA Tool Token Menu Options

VVDI MB BGA Tool Password Calculation function requires tokens as we all know, then what Token Menu Xhorse prepare for the users in order to save money as much as possible. Menu 1: 1 year subscription for unlimited tokens No country limit but… Continue Reading

How to use VVDI MB Tool Program Benz C200 W204 Smart Remote Key?

vvdi benz w204

Xhorse new year carnival is coming.The latest version VVDI MB TOOL already improved online calculation(calculation time less than 20 seconds,one time success rate 99%)From 25th,December 2017 to 25th,February 2018,during this period all VVDI MB TOOL users can enjoy online calculation… Continue Reading