What do you know about VVDI2 BMW Key Programmer?

V1.1.9 VVDI2 Commander software is released,and XhorseVVDI.com includes several different VVDI2 commander:VVDI2 Basic,VVDI BMW+Basic,VVDI2 VW VAG,VVDI2 Full.If you only want to do BMW key programming,VVDI2 BMW will be your best choice.

1.VVDI2 BMW Authorization


(VK-01) key programmer
(VJ-01) Passthru J2534
(VB-01) BMW OBD Function
If you want to do BMW CAS4+,suggest to buy BMW CAS4+ authorization.
2.2.VVDI2 Update 2016-09-06
Require firmware V2.1.9

BMW V1.1.9

1. Fix bug for select key position when make dealer key
2. Fix bug for software crash
3. Bugfix

Transponder Programmer V1.1.9
1. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix Rover Discovery 3

3.VVDI2 BMW Function
3.1.EEPROM/KM/Synchronization Codes (OBD)
  • Read EEPROM / Write EEPROM
  • Read KM / Write KM
  • Synchronize DME-CAS, CAS-ELV

3.2Key Learn

  • Get Key Info
  • Write Key Info
  • Load Key Info / Save Key Info
  • Prepare dealer key with programmer
  • Prepare dealer key with ignition switch
  • Add key
  • Program Key Info
  • Repair Keyless Key
  • Enable Key / Disable Key
  • Clear DTC / Clear Shadow

3.3File Make Key


3.4Unlock Key

  • Unlock with key info file
  • Unlock with CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ EEPROM

3.5File Change KM

  • EWS3/EWS4
  • Cluster (E Series): M35080 EEPROM dump
  • Cluster (F Series)

3.6CAS Repair

  • CAS Repair
  • CAS1(0K50E) OBDII Repair
  • ISTAP4* Version OBDII Repair


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