Get VVDI2 BMW Key Programmer Instead of BMW MULTI Tool

VVDI2 BMW is professional key programmer for BMW car models,and it covers BMW MULTI Tool all functions.What’s more,it works better than BMW MULTI Tool.Now,get VVDI2 BMW Key Programmer Instead of BMW MULTI Tool.


1.VVDI2 BMW and BMW MULTI Tool Comparison


VVDI2 BMW supports both software and firmware update online,and you can update online frequently.For all xhorse tools,please confirm your software and firmware always the newest version.

Meanwhile,VVDI2 BMW can support CAS4+,but BMW MULTI Tool can not.

VVDI2 package free with remote programmer cable now.

BMW MULTI Tool will not have update any more.


Both of them needs to buy CAS Plug(Extra plug,need buy from dealer).


2.Suggest VVDI2 BMW/BMW Multi Tool with VVDI Prog Programmer

VVDI2 BMW and BMW MULTI Tool,for some CAS,needs to use VVDI Prog to read data,then use VVDI2 BMW do key programming.So VVDI Prog will be a good tool to use with VVDI2 BMW or BMW Multi Tool.


3.VVDI2 BMW Optional Adapter

FEM Platform


CAS Plug