VVDI MB Tool and VVDI Prog 2002 Mercedes C240 W203 Feedback

VVDI Prog can support to read IMMO Benz W203 1J35D/1J74Y/2J74Y/3J74Y/4J74Y,their wiring diagrams are the same one.If you do not want to do wiring, VVDI PROG BENZ EZS Adapter includes W203 one, it will help you do easier.

Recently,we recevied feedback that after read 2002 Mercedes C240 W203 successfully,use VVDI MB Tool load EIS data,but vvdi mb tool got error:file is not right .

vvdi benz w203


Please check the wiring diagram,check the EIS is same with pic one ,and all wiring are done well, the conenction are the same,read the data again,right one will be about 4kb.

From the customer feedback,the wiring is not completed yet,and after do all wiring,customers read new data,the problem is solved.

VVDI PROG Wiring Diagram Pic:

vvdi prog benz w203

The following pic is not completed one.

vvdi prog benz w203

So we need emphasis:VVDI PROG Most important is making a good wires connection just like wiring diagram.

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