Read Benz W203 1J35D With VVDI Prog EZS Adapter

VVDI Prog support W203 1J35D Benz EIS,and we have blog in previous display how to connect diagram and operate, now easier to read Benz W203 1J35D with VVDI Prog EZS adapter for BENZ EIS/EZS.


1.Connect VVDI prog with computer,start vvdi prog software.

vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-7 vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-8

2.Put Benz W203 EIS into VVDI Prog Adapter(W203 HC08),and lock well. vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-2 vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-3 vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-4  

3.Connect VVDI PROG with EZS Adapter.

vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-5 vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-6

4.After connect well,click read to start reading process,save the data.

vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-9 vvdi-prog-ezs-benz-w203-10