New VVDI KEY TOOL XDKTR1EN R1 XDKTR1 Renew Adapter 13-24 A050

VVDI Key Tool Adapters Unlock Kit you can unlock the original locked controls and re-encode them.And Xhorse VVDI Key Tool released new VVDI renew adapters XDKTR1EN R1 XDKTR1 13-24 A050.

Support Honda (2 styles), Nissan (3 styles), Chrysler (3 styles), Peugeot, Buick (2 styles), Mazda

So far, VVDI Key Tool already supports 24 kinds of original remote renew without welding

vvdi key tool renew adapters




Package includes:12pcs Renew Adapters

Price:279USD one sale now

Function: Work with VVDI Key Tool unlock the original locked controls and re-encode them.

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VVDI Key Tool Key Renew Adapters
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