How to use VVDI Prog EIS/EZS W169 Adapter with VVDI Programmer?

VVDI Prog Adapter for Benz EIS/EZS package includes: W164(ST12)/ W169(ST12)/ W203(HC08)/ W209/ 211(ZWG)/ W209/211(HC12)/ W211(ST12)/ W215/220/230/ W639(HC08)/ SPRINTER(ST12)/ VITO W639(ST12). VVDI Prog EZS adapter is new arrival VVDI Prog adapters for Benz car models.Here we will take W169 as example.

vvdi prog ezs adapter

1.VVDI Prog softwaer,choose IMMO,BENZ,W169 ST12 adapter type.

vvdi prog software

2.Check connection diagram.


VVDI Prog W169 ST12 adapters:

vvdi prog w169 benz

Put EZS in suitable adapter and R&W

Make sure EZS is the same as in the picture.

vvdi prog benz eis

3.Read and save data.

vvdi prog benz eis