Xhorse XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS 10 adapters for VVDI Prog Programmer 

Xhorse XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS 10 adapters are used to work together with VVDI Prog Programmer. In the following parts, you can learn XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS 10 adapters’ pictures, features, package list and price.

VVID PROG EZS Adpater Features:

1, don’t need to solder

2, read data perfectly

3, Can be external power to light when working

4, easy to operate, Transparent material, better to Observed

vvdi prog ezs adapter vvdi prog ezs adapter

Package list:                                                                                                          

for W164(ST12)

for W169(ST12)

for W203(HC08)

for W209/211(ZWG)

for W209/211(HC12)

for W211(ST12)

for W215/220/230

for W639(HC08)


for VITO W639(ST12)


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