V2.1.4 VVDI MB BGA Tool Support W204 W207 All Key Lost Key Password

VVDI MB BGA TOOL is updated to V2.1.4,and it adds new function that support get password from w204, w207 EIS while lost all key.

vvdi mb tool

1.V2.1.4 VVDI MB BGA Tool Software Free Download

VVDI Benz V2.1.4 Software Download   [Password:123456]


2.How to get Key Password for W204 207 All Key Lost with VVDI Benz?


vvdi mb too 2.1.4 vvdi-mb-tool-214-1

2.Start VVDI Benz software,and click “Password Calculation” on the left. Tick “Select this if lost all working key”

vvdi benz

3.Click IR mode.

vvdi mb tool

4.Choose “W172 W204 W207” chasis

vvdi mb tool

5.Select “Data Acquisition”,then click yes.And OK.

vvdi mb tool

6.Wait for the process of Data Acquisition,it will take long time,and save data.

7.Upload data and culculate pass.

vvdi mb tool vvdi-bga-tool-c00_01_4420160914-155519-9


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