How to use VVDI MB Tool Read Renew EIS W172 W204 W207

VVDI MB Tool professional Benz key programmer,it support to renew EIS.Here, shares the detailed steps about VVDI MB Tool Read Renew EIS W172 204 207.

1.Please connect your VVDI MB Tool with computer.

2.Start the software and click Read EIS data.Then it will show the data.

vvdi mb tool vvdi-mb-tool-read-renew-eis-2

3.Tick “Allow User”,input key password,click get.


Then it will display the erase pass:

vvdi benz

4.Tick “IR” mode, and click “Renew EIS”.Erasing EIS successfully.

vvdi benz

5.Click read EIS data.

vvdi mb tool

6.No VIN. No Activated. No Used key.

vvdi mb bga tool