Skoda Octavia 2007 and newest key programming with Xhorse VVDI

Skoda Octavia 2007 and newest key programming with Xhorse VVDI key tool or VVDI2? or both? go on reading.

Q: i am tryin to decide to buy this tool  and I need to know if I can to programm a new key in Skoda Octavia 2007 and newest. Can it to clone ID48 chip?

A: You cannot program a new key with vvdi key tool,

only clone (VVDI key tool clone ID48 96bit model list).Also you need to pay extra for  authorisation id48 clone or bind VVDI2 to get ID48 copy function).
To program a key you need vvdi2. There also are authorizations to pay for your needs.


Personal experience:

you can clone only old id48 not cripto ones! for cripto you have to use online function and extra pay. I am using vvdi2 and have all authorizations but I never used id48 or id48 96 bit function. it’s easy to ad keys no need to copy. Also it has key programmer very powerful, BMW coding, mileage adjustment and other very useful dump tools.


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