What is difference of ID48 Copy OBDII and 96bit?why would need both?

VVDI2 ID48 copy authorization has two types one is OBDII one is 96 bit,some customers may be confused the difference between vv-03 and vv-04? why would i need both? what does the 04 do that the 03 doesn’t?Here is introduction.


You can see two authorization for 48 Copy,one is OBD 48 copy,one is 96 bit 48 Copy.

What is difference of OBD 48 Copy and 96bit?why would need both?

OBD 48 copy,it needs to use data collector via OBD way to collect car data with OBD device(like VVDI2),it can do all key lost,but it needs OBD device can support to read data.
96bit,if u have original 48 key,you can copy a new key from original key,no need to collect with OBD and car,but please attention that you must have the original 48 key.
48 Copy Note:
1. VVDI2 has two 48 copy authorization OBD and 96 bit,but VVDI Key Tool only 96 bit.
2. If you have both VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool, purchase to activate VVDI2 ID48 96 bit authorization, bind VVDI2 with vvdi key tool, your VVDI Key Tool can get too. But if you have vvdi key tool,buy VVDI2 later time,bind VVDI2 with VVDI Key Tool, your VVDI2 can not get it free. In other words,this process is irreversible,VVDI2 to vvdi key tool is OK, but VVDI Key Tool 96 bit authorization,then to VVDI2,you need buy another authorization.

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