VVDI Key Tool 48 Copy 96bit is Available Since April 1st

VVDI Key Tool ID48 Copy is available from April 1st.VVDI Key Tool  user can buy a Clone 48 96bit since April 1st 1500 free points for calculations , this same as VVDi2  since 1.04.2018 all users who have 48 96 bit activation in VVDI2 can combine Keytool + VVDI2 and use Keytool to clone 48 as well.


VVDI Key Tool 96bit ID48 Copy:
Clone just needs ordinary ID48 chips without OBDII.
Cloning cost 100 bonus points each time or one token.If buy VVDI Key Tool ID48 96 bit authorization can get 1500 bonus points free.Or you can also buy token from us 8USD one token.

VVDI Key Tool ID48 OBDII,please check SV86-S2.

1.If you have VVDI2 and already opened ID48 copy 96 bit authorization,bind VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool by yourself, VVDI Key Tool ID48 copy 96bit authorization get free.(From April 1st)

2.If you do not have VVDI2,only use VVDI Key Tool,please purchase the authorization,provide us VVDI Key Tool serial number.

3.If you have both VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool,buy one ID48 copy authorization,VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool can get one time.


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