Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Copy Ford 4D63 80 Bit Successfully

VVDI Key Tool can copy 46 42 11 12 4D Toyota G chip.And VVDI Key Tool Ford 4D63 80 Bit copying,you can check the following steps as reference.And it will need Xhorse 4c/4d chip,it is in stock from XhorseVVDI.Please check Xhorse 4D 4C Copy Chip for VVDI Key Tool/VVDI2 4D Transponder Copier 10pcs/lot.

vvdi key tool

vvdi key tool 4d copy

1.Connect VVDI Key Tool device with computer,and start VVDI Key Tool newest update tool software.

You can download from


This update only for Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, North American, India English version(eu, eu-en, se, se-en, me, me-en, na, na-en, in, in-en).

VVDI KEY TOOL Update Software

2.Click “Calculate” on VVDI Key Tool update software.

vvdi key tool ford

3.Please put the original car key into the left coil of VVDI Key Tool,start to read the transponder.

vvdi key tool calculate

vvdi key tool 4d

4.Please keep network available,press calculate to submit calculating data.

vvdi key tool

5.Please put VVDI special 4D transponder into the left coil of VVDI KEY TOOL,press “Write” to complete cloning.

vvdi key tool

vvdi key tool

6.Write successfully.

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