VVDI Key Tool Kia ID70 Online Copy Test OK

VVDI Key Tool Hyundia/Kia ID70,and Ford ID80 can support online copy on VVDI Key Tool APP or xhorse update kit software.Here is testing pics on VVDI Key Tool app.

1.Firstly,you need register and sign in VVDI Key Tool APP.

When you register,please note:

1.1.Input right email address,you will receive verification code in email.

1.2.You need register on vvdi key tool app,not our xhrosevvdi.com wesbite.Some customer use website account to log in,it will fail,you need register on APP firstly.

1.3.For detailed steps,please check guide:http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/upload/pro/vvdi-key-tool-android-app-install-and-register.pdf

2.Connect VVDI Key Tool with your phone via bluetooth.

3.Run “Transponder Clone”,then 70/83 online calculation.


4.Online calculation process.

4.1.Please put original key into KEY TOOL left coil,read chip.

4.2.Please keep internet smoothly,press calculate button to upload.


4.4.Please put 4D chip into KEY TOOL left coil,press write to clone.


4.5.Clone success.


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