MB ESL TOOL W204 W212 advice: vvdi mb tool, SIMON TOUCH, Diagspeed

Looking for the working tools for esl programming, renewing fatal error and programming esl emulator on car without esl. All of vvdi mb tool, SIMON TOUCH and Diagspeed are working, but which one wins price? I think you are interested in some experienced users’ options.

Here we go!

  1. The mb tool from SIMON TOUCH

Working -google and you can see it is good after watching some youtube videos.


  1. vvdimb tool wins in price/performance

VVDI MB can unlock the fatar error and program the esl to EZS without a problem.

We have VVDI on our shop and we are very very happy with Xhorse Company.

For the W204 there is almost no BETTER tool. The main problem on anny tool is unlocking the fatal error, sometimes take 5 minuts to try, sometimes take 8 hours and at the end don’t unlock.

vvdi mb tool VS mb tool from SIMON TOUCH

About the prices, Simon touch is a little bit more expansive than VVDI..

mb tool from simon touch sometimes on promotion for 500 euro, Im pretty sure for 500$ you dont have pass extraction. Tool from simon can only repair maybe fatal error of ESL, but that’s all
for next steps need next tools

  1. Diagspeed Mercedes Benz key tool – Amazing but very expensive

the best and only device that can do all is diagspeed.

if you want to do all and be the first in doing all then you need diagspeed.

Question: What can diagspeed do that vvdi MB tool can’t?

Answer: Diagspeed has the most overall options, but that it is no1 tool i cannot accept besides the 2 big russian developers. Only thing that diagspeed can do more is esl fatal error, all other functions they had before diagspeed.

And now, on the market VVDI kills it. With price/performance. SO now to buy diagspeed would be stupid since you can combine 2 or 3 tools and can to the same with less money. The benz key market has changed drastically over the last 2 years.. till now who made money made it.. with VVDI prices on tools its killing the market cause it’s much more affordable to do keys and repairs so prices are dropping every day.

BTW, NEC mcu EIS from 2006-2008 cannot be done at all. Still no solution on these no matter wich tool you use.

Thanks to several DK forum members’ options.

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